Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Hitch

Trains are a common sight in my hometown and is an essential service to many locations across the world.  Even if the look was not inspired by the location; as soon as I put on the girlpack by LAP, I knew that I had to hit up AM Radio's art installment at IDIA Laboratories (123,105,2058).  If you haven't been to one of AM's sims you're missing out!


The look started with the Minx shorts by Mon Tissu.  I thought about grabbing a fatpack but wanted to try on  a pair first as sometimes shorts with prims don't work out.  I was happy to say that these were perfect without having to do a single adjustment - that's a rarity!  Look for me showing off other colors in future blog posts!  

Originally I started with a cropped sweater jacket but all that went out the window when I discovered this open shirt with tank by Argrace in my inventory.  Mainly Argrace has converted over to creating only hair but looks like they still have some clothing if you haven't stopped by in awhile.  

I've had these riding boots by Mon Tissu in my inventory for awhile that I had planned in another look that didn't work out in the end.  When I bought them I didn't want to go for the typical brown or black shades and I'm still happy that I went with vintage red.

A first for this blog is to feature hair by Milana.  I'm a bit mixed on her hair - I love it in the pictures but sometimes I find it hard to fit to my head properly or find the right angle in a pose.  I have worn her style before with some major mods, this time I didn't mod it at all.  I'm wearing the Joy II hair.  I find that sometimes I want the sculpts to be out to show off the textures she includes to create the flexi style.  They're really beautifully done!

I picked up the girlpack pose set by LAP at the pose fair this year.  I didn't really think about using it for this look until I was digging for some different poses.  Once i put on the pack and tinted it - I knew it would make the outfit along with the setting.

I always like to feature different skins and totally transform my look each time.  I decided to go with the soft hues of LAQ's Tess2.  It brought out that doll like face that I felt fit the mood I wanted for the picture along with the delicate freckled specks.

As for eyes, I'm sticking with Insufferable Dastard again for this post wearing Light Sensitive in dark brown.


Love, Zoe

Quick Credits:
TOP: Argrace - Open Shirt in Cream
SHORTS: Mon Tissu - Minx in Brown
BACKPACK: LAP - Girlpack Pose Set (tinted)
RIDING BOOTS: Mon Tissu - Provence in Vintage Red
HAIR: Milana - Joy II in Blacks
SKIN: LAQ - Tess2 in Nougat 02
EYES: Insufferable Dastard - Light Sensitive in Dark Brown
POSE: LAP - Girlpack

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