Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar in MADNESS


I checked out the Cinema event finally this weekend.  I had eyed Zaara's Ritika mesh dress from afar and found that my favorite item of the fair and thus decided to feature it in this blog post.  It is located in the Romance section of Cinema.  It is available currently in three shades.  I went with pink shade.  I love the details with the string on the shoulders with the little beads.  So well crafted!  Can't wait for more Zaara mesh!

I could have easily just left on the vive9 skin that I had been wearing but opted for something different.  I decided that I hadn't ever blogged the Bella skin by Redgrave that I picked up ages ago.  I wasn't really sure if I liked it as more of a photo skin or something I could wear around - especially since it is based on Twilight's Bella.  But I decided to give it a go.  I did have to adjust my shape slightly regarding the nose - otherwise it just looked too thin and I didn't want to change complete to actually become "bella" as the shape allows.  I also stuck with the gentle version of the lashes that came with the pack.

As far as hair, I wanted something that wouldn't overpower the dress straps and would kind of reflect that feeling of Bella from Twilight.  Burley's Julia hair won out with this chunky loose braid.

I really felt after I had the pose picked out that I wanted some nails, I decided that I didn't want to just pull something out of my inventory and found this pack on the SL Marketplace by Mandala.  I am happy with the nails but found that due to it being a unisex pack the HUD didn't come with a lot of nice soft pink selections - and I didn't want to have a longer nail on.  I kinda like the short look right now vs some daggers on the ends of the fingers.  So I choose a nude/pink with french tip feature.  I felt like editing the color but decided to leave it alone.

The skin pack I got came with the eyes, but I didn't really like them 100% so I went to the Insufferable Dastard store and browsed the brown shades she has available.  I honestly felt like a lot of the browns were too washed out until I spotted the ultimate pack in brown.  I ended up going with the faded brown to give more of an unnatural sense to the persona I wanted to pull off.  Especially calling this picture Madness based off of Muses' new album - The 2nd Law.

The pose by Del May felt like the perfect awkward beauty that I wanted to bring to this picture.  It's called, "Just got up male" - which totally works even if it is a male pose.  I find that I can buy male or female and make it work.  


Love, Zoe 

Quick Credits:
DRESS: Zaara - Ritika in Bloom 
HAIR: Burley - Julia in Dark Brown 06
SKIN: Redgrave - Bella in Pale Wedding
NAILS: Mandala - Short Unisex
TEETH: PXL - OpenMouth PRO Teeth
EYES: .ID. - Ultimate in Faded Brown
LASHES: Redgrave - 16 Gentle
POSE: Del May - Just got up male

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