Sunday, May 24, 2009

Zoe's Spot - the single!

With Fashion Blogger's Appreciation week I was inspired to pull out a jacket that I designed ages ago, put on the finishing touches and actually give it out. Then I was approached yesterday by one of these bloggers, Suri Alex, asking where it is for sale and how much for. She will be blogging about it on Monday here at Suri Alex Style. So I have set it up to be sold to the public via the Latexia Sim which is right next door to Alphamale's sim.

Don't expect me to put out stuff too often or to make a big store as I do what inspires me and I'm pretty anal about quality too. Thus why I hadn't put it to the public. So consider this my "single" before my debut album hits the stores.

I originally wore it in this pic that I uploaded to flickr over a year ago in this piece titled "No Place Like Home".

No Place Like Home

[Z] Leather Jacket which is inspired by one of the most fierce women in the music business, Madonna.

[Z] Leather Jacket - Madonna Inspired

[Z] is the logo for my store which I am calling it Zoe's Spot. It can be found by this Slurl to Zoe's Spot for 225L

Thanks for reading!

Love, Zoe

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