Friday, May 29, 2009

Helping Hands

A lot of people donate to causes, helping fund a risky surgery, and sometimes to fixing laptops.

This one is about being evicted from a place that they live because they can't currently afford to pay rent and is getting kicked out whether she can pay it or not. It happens unfortunately to people everyday especially in these economic times. Sometimes I'm not able to help but this time I can and I hope that you will to!

I've known Voshie Paine for a very long time - she is very active in the fashion community and is always trying to include those that might not always fit in the mainstream scene.

I support her and am asking for your help. There is a yard sale that friends have created in order to help Voshie out. You can check it out here!

ALSO If you would like to donate an item - (trust me she has a lot there already) - feel free to IM Voshie Paine in world.

I will post an update when there is more news!

Thanks for reading,

<3 Zoe

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kingaiwish said...

You're realy talented...
You have great great taste ..