Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Rocker

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Time for some yum in menswear!  Connors - a new designer (to me) has been catching my eye with their clothes.  I couldn't resist this shirt. There are a few different texture variations but I had to go with black.  That's when I knew exactly what I wanted to put together.

This hair by Shag has been screaming at me since the hair fair to be photographed.  Its called, Boys Don't Cry (v.2) and I have wanted feature this hair for a bit.  It has a tuft of spiked hair in the front with a black fedora styled hat.  Originally I was thinking about going for blonde, but ended up choosing the shade midnight, which is a blue tinted black.

It was the shirt that bended me to do a rocker look and for pants it was a very easy pick to go leather featuring The Abyss' distressed leather pants - I already had picked up a pair for female and went back to pick up the male.  It comes with a black and brown sculpted belt that I'm not wearing here.

I also opted to go with the black slow rider boots by The Abyss. What is also nice is that one of the options includes the lower part of the leather pants attached to the lower part of the boot for easy wearing.  The other bonus, since I'm not in guy form often, I don't tend to have a huge selection of guy shoes, so I am fortunate that The Abyss offers a wide variety of items to purchase.

The rings & nails have had my attention for awhile offered by Rozoregalia.  I have wanted the shorter nail offered for female sizes but am happy I got to get it for this male look.  Very unique selection of high quality prims.  It includes different hand size options as well as different combinations of rings.  The necklace also has different ways of wearing it - you can check out the store for more details.

Blogged: Rocker

As far as skin goes, I wasn't sure what I wanted to feature but decided to go with Belleza's Shawn.  I do my best to keep my blogging and photography business separate, but hell, Belleza does an excellent job with skins so I pulled out the skin that I used to do the ad work with.  If somebody asks me where to get good male skins Belleza is always one of the first out of my mouth.  This is also what determined that I went with the midnight hair in the end since so much of my look is dependant upon the hair base that comes with the skin.

Now the eyes - they're from The Abyss' Dave Gears skin set.  Nuff said - I use them often.

Poses - this is one of my favorite male pose sets that Diesel Works have offered.  You're seeing pose 1 out of 12 from the Enzo set.  You can try out the rest at the store.

So there's my male rocker look!


Love, Zoe

Quick Credits:
Shirt: Connors - Patterned Shirt in Britannia
Pants: The Abyss - Distressed Leather Pants
Neckalce, Nails, & Rings: Rozoregalia - Gemma (sold separately)
Boots: The Abyss - FM Boots / SlowRider in Black Leather
Hair: Shag - Boys Don’t Cry V.2 in Midnight
Skin: Belleza - Shawn
Eyes: The Abyss - Dave Gears in Blue
Pose: Diesel Works

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