Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Porcelain


There is a chill in the air as haunting times are starting around the grid for Halloween.  Time for dressing up and having fun.  Evie's Closet is perfect for finding a good assortment of costumes.  The fable dress that I'm featuring is one of the newest releases to be found at her store.  It was also one of the stores that I regrettably did not have a part of my fantasy blog week awhile back and I hope that showing off this wonderful gown makes up for it!


The felt that the dress was well suited for some elegant haunts of the vampire kind.  I have wanted to do a picture using Pink Fuels'  Bloodthirty skin since I picked it up.  I'm not sure if it is currently out at Pink Fuel's main store, but I'm sure it will be there soon enough.  

The hair called, La Petite Mort, is new from Shag for the Stumblebum event this weekend.  The hat has two color options as well as the netting.  The pack comes in 4 shades - red, blonde, black, and brown.  If you're new to Shag I recommend going to check out the store.  The first time I came across shag, I loved the vendor ads but felt the hair was best for one angle.  They have improved since I have visited more recently in the year.  I would like them to refine the hair textures a bit, but feel like they're definitely somebody to watch.  It is nice that they haven't forgotten about the men of Second Life.  I hope to do a male blog post soon showing off one of my faves from their hair fair collection.  

The jewelry I choose is a brand new piece by Alienbear called Pandora.  She created the piece to go with a gown from Nicky Ree which I believe should be out soon if not already out.  I'm always amazed at the detail that Alienbear adds to her creations as well as pure creativity behind them.

The pose is by !Bang (second picture) - if you haven't checked out the store, I really like the couples poses and individual poses that are offered.  The creator is not new to SL but new to selling poses and I wish her much success!

Last the eyes, which are a typical staple for me from Exodi - nuff said.

Both images have been refined in photoshop.


Love, Zoe

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