Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar: October


More yum to share - I guess I'm just in a photo mood.  I've decided to stop showing off shoes so much because I tend to go for old faves until I see something that really strikes me...then I'll feature shoes again.  But I have so much trouble finding the right shade sometimes that I've decided to not stress out so much about it and focus more on other things.

Sometimes I hear that bloggers say they love things too much - but sometimes it just can't be helped.  I LOVE this look!  I loved yesterdays look...and I'm sure I'll love tomorrow's look too.  But I adore this top that erratic just released at the Fameshed event.  A co-worker of mine wore something similar to it last week but it didn't have quite the contrast that this yellow brings to the table.  It's an off the shoulder look and the color blocking that makes me flail all over it.  There is also a cool zipper detail in the back too!  They have different color options but something about this one stood out to me.

I went through my mesh collection of pants and pulled out these Maitreya leggings that I've had for awhile.  I had thought I had already used them for a look, but didn't see it - at least not in my blog collection so I'm pulling it out for this.  I really like the teal metalic blue sheen with the sweater to make a nice color blend.

I had previously checked out the Vive9 skin, Maliah, but I originally wasn't sold.  I tried on the mid-tones first and really wasn't feeling it.  I had picked up the darker tones but hadn't tried them out until today.  I really fell for this SPF 306.  And I love the facial freckle/beauty mark options.  It comes with all the eyebrow shades as well as cat eyeliner that I am wearing over another tattoo layer of their mineral eye shadows.  I also decided to put on the deep blush layer that also comes with the skin.

As far as the teeth - that is Hart's doing over at PXL - go check them out - they're fabulous!!!!  I've been using them repeatedly with my pictures lately.  The best thing is - works with any skin since it is something that stands alone.  AND if you angle certain ways even the bottom teeth show appropriately too!  Totally worth the linden!

As for hair, I went checking out exile and oh em gee (omg)...I adore the whispiness to it..and yes I'm making up words for fun.  And the tone - it feels really realistic and I think it matches well with the skin tone.  I can't imagine the maintenance it would take to have hair this long.  My own hair is a decent length and the tangles I get make me want to hire somebody to brush my hair...yes, some days I'm just that lazy.

That about wraps it up, other than again crediting my standard - Insufferable Dastard for eyes.  I'm also using a Maitreya pose that is still available to buy at the store.  I was asked about some pose stores today in a flickr mail and it got me thinking how I wish Maitreya would release some more poses...but if it was poses vs. other things like clothing or shoes...I'd prefer the latter.


Love, Zoe

*note - image has been photoshopped*

Quick Credits:
SWEATER: Erratic - Cory in Color Block 2
PANTS: Maitreya - Leather Legging in Teal
HAIR: Exile - Release Me in Fawn
SKIN: Vive9 - Maliah in SPF 306 Base
MAKE-UP: Vive Nine - Deep Blush, Vive Nine - Mineral Eyeshadow in Twinks, Vive Nine - Cat Liner, Vive Nine - Extreme Freckles
TEETH: .PXL - OpenMouth PRO Teeth
EYES: .ID. - Shine in Deep Gray
LASHES: Silhouette - Au Natural (no longer available)
POSE: Maitreya

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