Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Petal

First Life is complicated sometimes. It has been an interesting year to say the least for me and thus it took me away from my Second Life. I tend to revamp what I do in SL to keep it interesting and right now I'm not sure what that is. All I know is that I'm gonna just do what I feel like doing and take it day to day. Blogging is something I like to do so not stopping this anytime soon. I blog what I like and what inspires me in the moment.


This look was inspired by the Tourist Jacket by I have had the red one and with the sale going on now I picked up the brown shade. If I could make sculpties I would want to create this jacket. I love the ruffle detailing. Kind of a mix of military style with a feminine edge.

I needed some hair that was off the shoulder to show the jacket collar off fully and decided to go with the always creative and fresh hair by lamb called Ambrosia. With the hot summer days I would wear my hair up like this if I took the time. It makes me want to sit in front of a fan on the porch down in Louisiana or something.

The rest of the outfit is all Maitreya. I had picked up the girdle, bodysuit, and stockings when I was shopping for an outfit to model in for a friend's store. I'm a loyal and huge fan of Maitreya. Maitreya is modern and high quality. I know word was getting around showing the RL inspiration for these shoes but one thing I have learned is in copyright you can't place that on a shape. However, if that shape has a distinct print - that print could be copyrighted - so big difference if you are photo sourcing versus creating based on shape. My favorite part is the zipper. I admire those that can sculpt such detail (note the theme here with the jacket and now shoes). I do have to make a note here and thank designers that do included all layers in their items - this outfit would not have been possible otherwise.


The skin is the newest release by Redgrave called Zuri. I love the make-up to match in the color of the bodysuit. And I'm gonna go out on a limb a bit and speak more of copyright - I'm not a huge fan of photo sourcing if one does not have permission to do so. I'm not slandering Redgrave because a lot of people photo source using proper sources and I don't have any facts to be a judge of their process without having talked to the creators. So no torch lighting here, I did buy the skin didn't I? I do hope that all are reputable when using photo sources. I will have to give admiration to Redgrave for I feel like they changed the way of creating and selling skins in Second Life.

Finally the eyes are by The Abyss. They sell with one of their male skins called Dave Gears but heck eyes are eyes and aren't gender specific last I looked. I liked the soft hue that they create with the overall look.

I hope that you enjoy my look and appreciate any feedback. I know that copyright is a long and sometimes touchy subject. I'm no expert so I speak using my own opinion and knowledge and am always open for discussion.


Love, Zoe

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