Monday, June 7, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Street

I was planing on doing a nice elegant style when I stumbled upon a dress but when I was going around to stores looking for a piece to go with it - everything changed. Sey had some new items out for sale and I couldn't turn it down. Awhile ago I picked up a wrap around sculptie plaid shirt. Now they have these hoodies that are flipped open like you've just unzipped it and it has fallen around the waist. Thus my whole inspiration took flight towards a look to fit with it.

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I knew straight away that I wanted to use the Kass Calypto dirty skin by The Abyss. Abyss skins have been a straight away purchase as I always know they're high quality skins - each one being unique. The skin also goes the best with the shapes that they offer - but I wasn't 100% on the body and ended up modifying a copy of my body shape with the Abyss head.

The challenge I had with the hoodie was that it creates a really heavy midsection and it being a jacket I didn't want to bulk up my top half with another jacket cause well that isn't realistic. So I needed to have my bottom half hold up the weight and finding pants that are still stylish without being the "in" legging style wasn't gonna fly. It took awhile but I pulled out a set of pants that I've had for awhile from Bijou. They're from an outfit called Exceed and typically go with a nice tank top layered outfit which could also fit with the look. Instead I choose to go another route because I like to mix it up. One feature that I did like by using these pants was no need for adding socks because it looks like they're already there but it is just part of the pants.

Did I say challenge? Because the footwear also was a bit of one for me as I was kinda thinking about showing off the newest Maitreya Gold pair but knew that I was going in another direction and thus pulled out some boots from Abyss but they weren't fitting the bill. I remembered seeing these League High-Tops when I had been in their store for good pants and went back to pick them up. What is awesome is the all the options that they are scripted with. You can choose from 10 textures for the buttons that are found on the side of the heel. The back of the heel has 5 graphical texture options. There are 2 options for sole color. And to top it all off you can choose any color you want for the laces, shoe sides, toe tip, heel, and lace rings. Other shoe options include size, shine, and glow. I decided to match it up to the hoodie in a nice brown shade for the main sides and laces. The other bonus was they were just the right height that I really needed to pull of the right form.

As for the upper half - originally I had picked out a tank that I have liked for a long time from League but switched it up to this Abyss USA t-shirt. I love the hem on to show off a bit more tummy rather than the standard horizontal. Gives it that edge that I wanted with the look.

I then felt I needed something else, and though I typically try to use my own thoughts ideas for inspiration - the store poster promoting the Sey hoodie used suspenders and thus out I pulled some that I had from League and really liked how it looked.

Blogged: Street

As far as hair, I went straight to my 69 hair collection and played with two styles picking this one out the Echo style in the end. My hubby said that it reminded him of Kate from Lost - I didn't complain one bit with that comment as I really like her look.

The lashes and eyes are both from Abyss' Opium avatar which includes the shirt as well as more awesome quality items. A bit pricey but worth it for everything it includes.

Feel free to comment to provide feedback or if you like the look. Comments are moderated to avoid auto-bot spamming but all comments are approved if from a real person.


Love, Zoe

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Cyanilla Latte said...

Looking at the last photo, I simply cannot help not noticing the resemblence of the skin worn with the face of a famous brazilian (what else?) supermodel Isabeli Fontana.Great post.Cheers!Cya