Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's More Than's who you are - Di Hoorenbeek

It's more than fashion...

Interesting how coincidences happen!  I had been working on a blog post that would feature bold colors when I decided to send a TP to Di Hoorenbeek for this blog when she showed up in this bright yellow dress along with the new Pow LeLutka shoes - same as me! (you'll see what I was wearing in another post)

Victim: Di Hoorenbeek 
Rez-Day: 2/12/2007
Blogged: Di

Di Hoorenbeek (not to be confused with the SL store) is one of those people that I met through plurk and through our common friend, Aleida.  Di has a good calm head on her shoulders and is one of those people I had the right type of vibe with from the get-go.  Di not only is a talented model for various agencies on the grid but talented when it comes to the body sliders.  She loves it so much that she has her own shapes store called, Di's Shape Creations (slurl).  Her shapes are affordable at 400L/shape but you can also request a custom shape for only 2000L.  You might also have seen some of her shapes specific to their skins being sold at Dutch Touch (slurl).

Even if you like to be in your own shape most of the time, it really is a great opportunity to use other shapes in order to see beauty differently.  It can also give you a leg up if you're interested in becoming a model in Second Life - especially when coming from those that have already been successful. A great way to check out Di's shapes is through her flickr.  She has a good eye capturing not only her own avatar but others too!

Do you think her outfit reflects who she is properly??

Blogged: Di

Di you are fabulous in and out!  I appreciated our chat while snapping these photos!

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Love, Zoe

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Vixie Rayna said...

Di is fabu!! You captured her beautifully!

I would love to participate! Hopefully you won't catch me in my knickers :P