Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A New Twist at Z...complete

It's more than fashion...

Introducing a new segment that I'm calling, "It's More Than Fashion...It's who you are," where we get to know what people are wearing out and about doing their own thing but also a bit about what they do in SL. So much of fashion is personal expression but you can't always tell everything from what they wear.

How does it work?
It is meant to be completely random. No changing anything!! If you get a teleport from me, that's it! I'll have you hop on my pose stand and snap pictures of what you're wearing. I'll ask questions about you and put it here in my blog. If you want to be on the list to participate see details HERE.
My first fashion victim is my old and good friend, Foxy Innis who has been managing Crush Row (closing soon) as well as other interests in modeling and shape making. She also put on the the Skin & Shape Expo in 2009. We got to know each other after RPing out some Western characters in Deadwood right before I started up my photography business full-time. Foxy is a sharp witted and delight to be around if you can handle her blunt honesty. She doesn't put up with bullshit and will tell you how it is.

06-08-10-Zoe-Foxy_C 06-08-10-Zoe-Flix_C
Foxy Innis & Flix Saiman

My other fashion victim is a brand new friend I got to know today. Flix Saiman is the owner and creator behind the business, Click. He also does custom builds Click offers highly detailed settings for photographers pro or not. Each set has custom poses to fit the setting as well as related props that can personalize the set to the users' delight.

Flix took some time to show Foxy and I some of his creations. I have to say that I was impressed by what I saw. A lot of detail goes into the creations along with custom poses! The more he showed us the more interested I was in his creations. It really gives a lot of what I have done over the past few years for clients - but fast forwarded. Instead of having to build a set and pick out poses it was already done for me - add models and click!

The sets are great if you're looking for a solid start to doing photography as a pro or even if you want to do some fun pictures with friends. Click's most recent creation is a bar scene with 27 singles poses and 9 couples poses.

Click is also currently offering a photography contest with multiple categories (even one without editing!!). The prizes include straight up linden as well as gift certificates to some awesome pose stores and more. Feel free to check out Click's main store (slurl) for details.

I find contests a good way to get known as a photographer around the grid as well as promotion for the businesses involved. So best of luck to all entries.

Do you think that they reflect who they are properly??

click the pics for details!
06-08-10-Zoe-Foxy 06-08-10-Zoe-Flix

I really hope that this is a way to learn more about fashion in SL as well as what is going on around the grid and the people involved in making this a more rich environment for all!


Love, Zoe


Dotty said...

As far as to what they are wearing, I think Flix needs something pink in his ensemble... it would help better reflect some moments in his creating process.

Sanura Snowpaw said...

I couldn't agree more with Dotty he could use some pink throw in the mix and we all know real men wear pink

Bells Semyorka said...

This sounds like a great concept, I can't wait to see more of these posts. Wonderful Pics and great Blog.

Sanura Snowpaw said...

I'd love to do this it sounds like fun & hopefully I won't be band and nekkid if you pick me

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun... I'll bite...add me to the list....
Gala Caproni

Mavi Beck said...

what a great idea Zoe! :)
I'd love to be added! :)

Lavindia Jewell said...

Love the idea! Add me to the list!!! :D

♥Laya♥ said...

this is awesome Zoe, and i would love to participate and be added :D

Monique said...

Hi Zoe, I've been admiring your work on flickr for quite some time now. I only just came across your blog and your new idea about capturing fashion on avis. I would love to be one of your candidate and would love to have a picture taken by you..
My name is Monique7 Carter. Hope to hear from you soon in world. Mon :)