Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Free Flyin'

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It's summertime! I decided to put together a couple looks that lead towards or from the beach. Having spent some time across the globe at some beaches you don't always have the perfect weather to get to the beach without some form of cover.

My first look is inspired by Cynful's Kini in Green with yellow polka dots. Cyn has a new collection of bikinis available in different colors and patterns.

I paired it up with a set of Boardshorts from Reek - also available in a wide varity of colors. The boardshorts also come with an option of with or without prim - the prim/sculpted version is shown here are are very well made and easily adjustable.

Adding to the look, some of Reek's slides for easy walking on the rougher terrain before hitting the beach. They have these slides in a variety of colors as well as with or without socks (something I hope to feature in a later look).

LeLutka's highly detailed sculpted bag complete with draped jacket that is scripted to change to your choice of 4 colors. If you haven't checked out the other new accessories by LeLutka, I really highly recommend it - the detail that they put into their pieces are amazing. One feature I do need to mention is the fact that the bag comes with its own animations with hud (AO).

I adore the bangs that comes with this new style called Deanna by Exile. The whisps along the side are the remnants of the messy bun in the back. I do hope he develops more styles with this bang style.

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The second look was inspired by Boom's Infinity bikini in Hibiscus Brown. Their are multiple ways to purchase from her huge assortment of bikinis. Their are two top styles halter and string (seen here) as well as a variety of bottom styles. Boom has a HUGE collection of all sorts of colors and prints. The prim count in her store took a hit with her offering of choices.

I paired the bikini up with a pair of shorts from a store that I hadn't heard of before called, Zoobong. Takeshi Kiama who I worked with recently for the LE Look shots this month told me about it. They make things mainly for guys but you will find a few items for the females. I really liked their store build too.

The shoelace sandals are from Surf Co. They also are teamed up with the summer festival going on at Tableau. Lots of cute items are out now for the festival if you haven't been yet.

The cute tote bag is by Tres Blah and says "I'm pretty" and "Neato" if you can't tell by the pic. Perfect for carrying a magazine, sunglasses or the all important sunscreen.

Perfect for the beach or swimming pool is the Secret Garden Keys necklace by Glow Studios. Its the one type of accessory that I always take with me when swimming in RL.

A new release from Reek is the hat with hair combo. This one is called Topeka 1 - other variations are also available. I had to go with Topeka because that also happens to be the name of the city capital of my home state of Kansas. The hat also has a variety of scripted options for textures with the leather braid (pictured with white braid texture) and some beads which can't been seen in this shot, but you can check it out at the store. It also has a necktie option that I did not use with this look.

One of the items that I wore with both looks are the realistic eyes by Miriel which are no longer available unfortunately due to her closing up shop awhile back.

The last item that I wanted to share is the Taylor skin by League. I'm extremely pleased with how it looks on my original shape as well as the overall quality. I adore the freckles especially which I'm happy to show off in this look.

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Love, Zoe

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