Friday, June 11, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Miami Heat

Ah, its that time of the year to chill out in the night air. Its been awhile since I visited Florida, but I do remember enjoying the late nights where the heat stuck around while the ocean breeze would continue to blow. I wanted to reflect those memories with this fashion style.

Inspiration for this look was the Maitreya Gold Aequus heels. The striking but simple straps make these heels very sexy and elegant. Like other new releases these shoes feature a sculpted zipper in the back of the heel. They also allow the cuff to be color changed to various shades. I would love that the shoes would come scripted as well but know that would cut the earnings significantly - so that means not likely to happen, but I can dream!

Blogged: Miami Heat

I really wanted to do the heels in teal and looked for a top to match. In the process I put on this older fave, tropical teal shirt, from Artilleri. The teal didn't match up enough so I pulled out the brown that fit in with the tones of the skirt instead and put the cuff color to teal instead.

The second inspiration for this look came from Truth's newest release of Peyton hair. I really enjoy the new streaks that allow for some further customization with color change. I went with the brightest red shade of cranberry along with blonde streaks to reflect a more wild Miami nightlife.

The Larin skirt in ash by Zaara was an easy pick for me, it was kind of random pick that I had decided to stick with once putting it on and became another part of the focus for the look.

Blogged: Miami Heat

To finish off the look I didn't want to go heavy on accessories and once I put on Alienbear's Natasja necklace there was nothing that I felt would be better suited. The flowers reflected that in the tropical shirt perfectly.

The rest of the look goes to LeLutka - featuring their latest skin of Lola in the sunkissed tone. The make-up 6 on the eyes are what sold me with the nice shade of pink and brown. I felt like it really hit with the look I wanted. I was going to use one of the 2.0 pink lipstick layers but ended up snapping the pic in an original viewer. 2.0 still tends to be a big buggy for my full-time use. The shape and lashes are from LeLutka's Eclat Oksana. And to finish it all off the eyes are the reflections glory by LeLutka.

One photo note - I did decide to process these images for fun but please note that all items chosen are of high quality otherwise I would not choose to wear them.


Love, Zoe

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