Friday, July 2, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - City Chic

Blogged: City Chic

I've always been a big mix of a city and country - not necessarily the music, but living areas.  My last blog post was a bit of country so I decided to switch it up and bring a bit of country to the city.

The Lace Ruffle Skirt in White from Aoharu is the inspiration for this look.  The lace ruffles bring in a bit of the fun country flair.  It also comes in black and Aoharu certainly has many options of tops that fit with it nicely.  But this wouldn't be much of a city chic look if I kept it country.

To pull me out of the country and into the city I paired it with this Short Trench Jacket in Blue by Maitreya for a more city sophisticated look.  Maitreya has many color options of this trench, but I fell in love with the blue shade for a nice summer fresh appeal.

To accessorize the look I went with some of my all time fave earrings called Hamptons (by miabella) which are still available at LeLutka.  The subtle texture and colors remind me of water washing upon a warm sandy beach.

I also paired up some matching gray Dream Booties and Dream Catcher bag by  Originally I was going to pull out some white pieces but matching shades by different makers isn't the most easy option just like in RL trying to match one shade to another either in interior design or fashion.  Typically it is fine to do shades of a color but I didn't feel like there was enough contrast between the two to make it a proper accent and thus decided to pull the gray from the trench buttons into the hat, purse, and shoes.  I adore the creativity of the shoe design with the strap wrapped around the heal of the Dream Booties.  The sculpt work of both items are of high quality.

Blogged: City Chic

Probably my favorite hair by along with all time faves of SL has to the the Yelena both original and the variant called Yelena 2.  Yelena is the style with hat attachment that is scripted to your choice of 24 texture colors!  And even if you're not a fan of this style, has sooo many style options to choose from as well as great textures in all shades.

A new addition to my blogging is the Pink Fuel skins.  I've been aware of her skin making when I helped out with the Skin/Shape Expo of 09.  I was happy to give her newer Ember skin series a try and picked out the Maple tone in Pure.  There were a few that I will probably go back to pick up.  I liked the naturalness of this make-up to fit the look.

Last but not least - I pulled out a return to the Reflections eyes by LeLutka.  After photographing Aradia Dielli for last week's LE Look as well as a segment for Too Sexy - her eyes captured me again.  I've owned this pair of Glory shade for awhile and will probably come back to use it again.  I really like the color, texture, and lighting used.

Thanks for reading!  Enjoy!

Love, Zoe

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