Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Holloway

Blogged: Holloway
I am a big fan of Mad Men after catching up with the series on DVD. We're nearing the start of the fourth season and thus I thought it would be fun to bring to life some of the Mad Men fashions to Second Life. Joan Holloway is the inspiration for today's look.

I knew straight away that I could find a dress that is suitable to Joan's curves at Icing. One of my all time fave stores on the grid, Icing has always offered a niche to the vintage style. Ultra feminine is this dress called, Femme en Noir. The pencil style skirt signifies a sensually elegant feminine figure which is accented by the stunning dragonfly pin.

No dress especially back in the 60s era would you be caught without some form of hosiery. I made a trip to pick up a thigh high lace-top stockings set from Blowpop. Seen here in sand.

The LeLutka Saffron pumps in nude are a bit more of a modern twist on the look. I opted to stay away from the typical black and stick with a neutral tone.

Joan isn't the type to over accessorize as she always tends to find the proper balance in her style. I kept the jewelry to a minimum with these earrings from the Antique Pearl Choker Set from Paper Couture.

Also being in the type of job she is she is constantly needing to keep an eye on the time. Thus this look would not be suitable without a proper watch. This watch called Naomi is from YV (by Yvette Vultee) and ties in a classic strap style with bracelet twist. And for future use there is a ton of scripted color options (black and white are sold together and are totally tintable).

Funny how it works out sometimes, but Truth's Zoe - which I have assumed was named after me (and even if not I'll say it is) really ties to how Joan keeps her hair. Maybe he had that in mind when designing it but it really fits well to how she wears it. I do hope that is a reflection of my own type of style - I do adore vintage styles but I know that I'm not alone! Truth certainly has not stopped creating - you can find new styles weekly which is quite an impressive feat on its own, especially if they weren't as good as they really are!!

Blogged: Holloway

I also decided to try a new skin brand called Mynerva. I saw Carissa Crimson blogging about it and went to check it out. I was pleased to see the different shades of eyebrows as well as cleavage option included with the skin. I wasn't crazy about all the make-ups but a few did catch my eye which I might go back for later. I really liked the glossy lips, and though typically Joan uses a darker shade - I thought this was still suitable. I did opt for the cleavage version because it didn't overpower the look. I do find that having cleavage options is nice but I also find there are outfits out there where no cleavage is necessary. The set I bought from is in a back room btw. There are also some tattoos for sale as well as elf-style ears.

Other tid-bits - I modded my shape to give a lil more curves to what I consider already curvy shape. The set that I used for background is by Click by Flix Saiman. I also reused LeLutka's Reflection eyes in Glory as she is a blue-eyed lady. One other thing that my hubby was mentioning, was that the actress that plays Joan Holloway, Christina Hendricks is not a natural red-head but a blonde! Huh!

I hope you enjoyed traveling back in time with Holloway!

Love, Zoe


Carissa Crimson said...

lulz @ "Clarissa Crimson"

<3 skin is so pretty on you.

Zoe Demar said...

oye can you tell I type too fast for my own good sometimes? - got it fixed now though!