Friday, July 23, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Fantasy Week: Deviance

Blogged Fantasy Week: Deviance

Deviance has been around for awhile but is one of the newer fantasy and costume stores that I personally have learnt about on the grid.  Surreal LeShelle first caught my eye recreating costumes of some rather famous characters such as Snow White.  But I had my first virtual experience when photographing one of her fashions for ROLE Magazine's wedding spread back in May 2009.

Deviance continues to catch my eye with her beautifully made creations that hit the mark with textures and color choices.  I can't say that her store reflects the vibrancy of her fashions, but it is easily accessible to her creations as well as the outstanding photography vendor displays.  LeShelle reflects her designs mainly on the more modern themes of costumes but has recently released some more items that come from a more fantasy based reflection.

Sorry guys but this store is strictly based for the female roles of Second Life, but I'm sure there won't be much complaining.  Deviance has a wide variety of items available for all sorts of costumes, role-play or fantasy experiences.  Some of my faves include Dark Elementalist  (new), Spring Fairy - Bluebell, and Enchantress (shown left)

And if this fantasy isn't your thing; there is a great set of casual wear including some awesome jeans (I own a pair or two) as well as lingerie and gowns.  There are a couple random lucky chairs and a discount section.  Deviance is definitely on my, "can't wait see what she does next," list!

TP to Deviance


Love, Zoe

Note: Images have undergone some processing

Deviance: Enchantress Fantasy Costume (Cream)
Analog Dog: Whimsy in Espresso
Dutch Touch: XaYa in Olive SmokeyEx (VIP)
MADesigns: Naturals in Happy Blue Pale Eyes
Redgrave: Eyelashes -29- Vampire
Anexx: Triple Fringe Pumpus in Nude
Pose by Reel Expression

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