Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Fantasy Week: Chaospire


Chaospire is created by Devyn Grimm and is one of the first high detailed fantasy creations that I found on the grid and is still here today. When arriving at the store the creative details are even apparent in the build iteself.

Chaospire has a small collection in comparison to what you may find at other stores, but the quality of the items has always wowed me. When I spoke to Devyn Grimm years ago, I wondered how he was able to bring in such sharp designs. He did say that he created large then shrunk the textures down to import. Even his oldest creations still contain crisp details are still the top of today's quality.

A lot of Grimm's looks are based on medieval fantasy. Including druids, nymphs, and sorceresses as well as others. Though mainly catered to women he does have a couple outfits for the men. My all-time faves of his include the Woodnymph, Succubus, and Beledinoir (shown left).

And if fantasy isn't your thing, there are also swimsuits, t-shirts (new), and lingerie available. Even if you're just looking for a collection of wings to add to a look - Chaospire is one place you have to visit just to admire the work put into all of the creations.

TP to Chaospire


Love, Zoe

Note: Images have undergone some processing

Chaospire: "Beledinoir" 8-piece Gothic Tribal Bellydance Outfit
Analog Dog: Whimsy in Espresso
Dutch Touch: XaYa in Olive SmokeyEx (VIP)
MADesigns: Naturals in Happy Blue Pale Eyes
Redgrave: Eyelashes 29 Vampire
Bax Coen: Ankle Boots Black Patent
Striking Poses

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