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A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Fantasy Week: Solange

Blogged Fantasy Week: Solange!

Solange immediately makes me think of some Arabian nights with seductive dancers.  The creator, Solange Cerveau, and I share the same rez-day by 1 day.  And I do recall making my first silk purchase back in 2006.  I can pretty much guarantee that if you're a silk wearer you have at least 1 silk from Solange if not more.

Blogged Fantasy Week: Solange!
The reason?  The imaginative high-quality textures and prim fluidity that is standard in all that Solange creates.  Even an experienced Solange shopper can scour the walls and still come across something new - mainly because there is so much to look at.  The overall store design brings you back to a castle renaissance atmosphere which I feel properly reflects the time period of her attire (be sure to check out the underground for a fantasy setting).

Though the majority of Solange fashions are for the females, there is a good selection for the males in a multitude of colors.  A hint to the guys out there, a gift center is available if you would like to see your lady in silks.  If you're looking for a deal, there is a lucky board and bargain basement.  And if fantasy isn't your thing, Solange has a good collection of street-wear and lingerie as well as some business-wear, shoes, jewelry, and menswear.

If I scour the walls, I could pull out a few silks that catch my attention. Three of my favorite silk outfits are Goddess, Kadin, and Traction Silk (new & shown left - the gears animate!).

Now I need to find someplace to swirl around in silks for a day or two!  You seriously can't go wrong living out a fantasy in silk!

TP to Solange


Love, Zoe

Note: Images have undergone some processing

Solange: Traction Silk (not all options shown)
Analog Dog: Whimsy in Espresso
Dutch Touch: XaYa in Olive SmokeyEx (VIP)
MADesigns: Naturals in Happy Blue Pale Eyes
Redgrave: Eyelashes -29- Vampire
Redgrave: Girls' Biker Boots in Black
Pose by On The Cover (not currently available)

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