Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Little Bit of Style by Zoe Demar - Fantasy Week: Graves

Blogged Fantasy Week: Graves

"What's your kink?" is the tagline and perfect description of the fashions found at Graves. The creator, Jackie Graves, definitely knows her way around virtual latex.  Be ready to step into a mature sci-fi styled reality when visiting the store oozing out in a blue-green glow.

Blogged Fantasy Week: Graves
Graves' universe is made up of a huge variety of leather and latex creations that will get the blood pumping.  But pigeonholing the fashions to fetish only will cause one to lose an awesome assortment of creativity.  Mainly fashioned in black and white, one can still find a few shades of color in a variety of the outfits.

It takes a few rounds to really appreciate the ingenuity that Graves has placed into her creations.  There is a huge selection of women's fashions but she does have a decent selection of men's attire as well.  My current 4 faves are G127 MantisG200 ExecutiveG209 Eclipse (new), and G119 Nemesis (shown left).  It is difficult to pick only four!

And if this fantasy isn't your thing; there is footwear potential, awesome photography on display. and gift-cards available to give to friends that are.  Graves truly is the cornerstone in this market and if you feel like kinking up your look, this is definitely the place to do it!

TP to Graves


Love, Zoe

Note: Images have undergone some processing

Graves: G119 Nemesis
Analog Dog: Whimsy in Espresso
Dutch Touch: XaYa in Olive SmokeyEx (VIP)
MADesigns: Naturals in Happy Blue Pale Eyes
J's: ThighHigh Boots in Black
Pose by Del May

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