Friday, July 11, 2008

Blooming for Spring

After living in a climate without a “real” winter, I found out how much I missed snow! Lucky for me I have had a TON of snow this winter and as much as I love it, I always look forward to spring and the flowers that tend to blossom with it. It is what inspired today’s outfit.

Blooming for Spring

I have been wearing the Marly’s hair for awhile lately. The hat tied together with the hair reminds me of 20’s glam, an era that I’m very fond of the fashion. Though the hat and hair are lovely, the real inspiration for this outfit is the flower skirt from Luminosity. The designer has been out of game lately but recently blogged after being MIA for quite awhile. Hopefully this might be a sign that she will come back into the scene a bit, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Luckily the outfit I pulled the skirt from is still available at her sim store on Luminosity Island.

To tie in the skirt I knew that I wanted to wear the Fuse blossom ring that I picked up recently from his store. It is nice to see designers pulling out some jewelry along with their clothing line. Miko from Icing has done the same and luckily the pearl necklace and earrings set also followed a bit of a flower motif and fit well enough with my outfit to add it in. The chain shirt by Armidi Gisaci blended very well with the bronze color found within the texture of the mainly silver colored skirt. I did do a bit of modding to raise the jacket layer up a bit to seam the outfit together more, but no other adjusting was necessary.

To finish the look, I paired up with Paper Couture’s (P.C.) Lierre Ankle Wrap heels. These are one of my favorite pair of heels that I own. I’m not 100% sure if these will still be available with the release of their upcoming Spring Collection, but you might check their other open location in Barcola. If you haven’t been by to check out the new Canimal skins you should take a moment or two to get some demos. I really like how they look on my current shape and the lipstick color from the Earth make-up seems to blend flawlessly with the bronzed Armidi top. I’m also wearing stunning eyes by Tuli in bright blue to make my eyes pop thinking about clear blue spring skies!

What season is your favorite to dress for and why? Please use the comments below to talk about your season of fashion choice. I would choose fall because it is the season to be able to wear a sweater without a jacket. It also includes my favorite colors to wear such as grays, browns, deep reds, and maroons. I look forward to reading about yours!

PS – If you ever need help locating a store or finding a product, send an IM to Zoe Demar and I’ll be happy to help get a slurl or LM for you –

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