Friday, July 11, 2008

Go for the Gold!

Today’s trends have made popular opinion to wear silver, white gold, and platinum. But it’s hard to not still turn an eye to yellow gold.

Go For the Gold

I designed this outfit around the Armidi Gisaci’s Sequin Bodice Dress in Gold but switched it up for a more fun formal affair by switching the flirty frills skirt to a hot black mini that typically goes with Nyte’N’Day’s dot outfit. Paired up with some gorgeous gold shoes from Armidi and one of a kind shoulder brooch and chain from Muse, this outfit surely makes a statement. To anchor the accessories, I added a bracelet in gold and black from Miriel. Many must check out other items by Miriel like her eyes. The ones pictured here are two toned in a stunning green and yellow amber shade. To top it off, I am wearing a classic skin and hair from Naughty Designs. The darker skin tone makes the gold pop off of the body to really dazzle all eyes and the dark black pearl intimacy hair’s name says it all. All the items pictured are available currently in stores. With Last Call coming to an end I realize that when I mix up outfits, it will be hard to say that all items are still available so I made a point to not use a single item designed by Ginny.

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