Friday, July 11, 2008

Fun in the Summer Sun!

After spending all last week working on attempting to clean my computer of a nasty virus, I ended up having to reformat, which took precious time away from otherwise sunny days! I’m happy to be back up and running and taking pictures once again! This post is inspired by the newest Icing addition by Miko! Very vintage feeling, but so cute I couldn’t resist posting this blog about it!


Paired up with a long pony tail with the full curtain bang hair by Aden called Nicole, I really felt that it played up that 50’s vibe that I was trying to go for when pairing up the swimsuit.

I also decided to finally try on the group gift skin that Tuli sent out! Its her new S6 skins. I decided that I liked the Emily skin on my body shape (in coal make-up), but she has a nice variety to choose from that I’m sure will suit most body types. She has eyebrow color and freckle options that everyone should try out for the summer look.

The best thing about this look, is that the Icing outfit is that it is versatile! Though I don’t have an image of it here, the swimsuit also comes in a lovely dress style too! Great for those summer beach evenings or other events where one would want to glam it up a bit. And though I didn’t say it before, it is called Angel Food Cake which is definitely yummy enough to wear!

And though it isn’t necessarily fashion related, I picked up some of the Photosphere backgrounds that really kicked off this image into the flair that I wanted to pull off along with using Reel Expression animations.

Feel free to use this image as your style card for something new for this summer!

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