Friday, July 11, 2008

Duck Diving with Argrace

Creativity goes a long way when it comes to the fashion purchases that I make, Argrace is definitely no exception to the rule. Upon going to the store to see the new releases I immediately fell head over heels in love with the new hats with hair along with the new shirts. After inviting over a few friends I knew that I had to blog all about it.


I decided that I wanted to show the two new styles for the ladies and thus decided to ask my good friend, Emmy Benigni, over for a shoot at my studio and to put together her own look with the hair.


We both wore our hats with hair from Argrace as the base and went from there. The hats are scripted by touch to size and to select from a variety of colors and textures from a Second Life pop-up menu. I am wearing my hat style in red and hers in pink. All that shoppers have to do is choose the style and color of the hair. There are other varieties of hats and hair to check out if you have never been. I think I probably own at least one hair shade in each style.

To finish the look I opted to wear the new shirt that I picked up from Argrace in Navy while she went with a cute tank from Riddle. Both wearing awesome styles of blue jeans for the relaxed style from Decoy and Armidi. Even our shoes somewhat matched wearing chucks from PornStar and Akeyo. For all the other details be sure to check out the picture for a complete listing.

Special thanks to Emmy for shopping and posing with me.

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