Friday, July 11, 2008

Warming Up for Winter

It’s cold outside for the majority of people playing Second Life, though our avatars are lucky they don’t have to worry about the weather before stepping foot/paw/other outside.

Warming Up for Winter

When it comes to fashion I feel like I have seen much but do not know all. Through the work of Creators Stamp Rally 2007 (CSR) I discovered some not so traveled stores and picked up this cozy winter jacket from Double Paradox. The originality of it and the work of prims make it a one of a kind. Though not pictured, the prim sleeves have a cute button detail that match those found on the hoody collar. The prim ties on the jacket make it feel like it has been naturally worn instead of being perfectly closed. The prim ties and lower jacket come in large and small sizes and can be easily manipulated to match your shape with basic builder’s knowledge. When it came to pairing up the jacket to complete an outfit I luckily had already been wearing some finger cut gloves from TorridWear from part of her Dominus outfits which completes the jacket by extending it out more over my hands. I had a hard time choosing the right top to work with what I was going for but pulled out my extremely reliable Celestial Studio Trixie Tank in Dim color. I find the tanks to be a must have item when as they come with multiple layers and multiple colors. Next I wanted to pair it with some white pants which are very difficult to make for SL because the natural default when making SL clothing is blank white. It isn’t easy pulling out white and not making it feel default. I finally picked these slacks from an outfit from Nyte’N’Day. The Cute Kitty Snow Boots are from Boneflower Designs located on the Temenos sim. They are known mainly for Neko skins but have a big selection of all sorts of items.

To top off the outfit I choose Slow Jamz by Hiccup. Hiccup is pretty new to the scene but has created some very original hairs. I’m always watching in anticipation for what they come out with next. After completing the look I wanted to add some sort of jewelry item and choose small earrings from Illusion’s Cherished set. Make sure if you visit to know what metal and stone you want before you buy as there are many options but a friendly vending system. The eyes by Miriel are two-toned and called Late Sunset for their blue and purple tones. The two-tone design is something that I first discovered at Miriel. Last but not least, the skin by Karamia. I play around with body shapes more for fun but also to give a different perspective in photography. The skins by Karamia are very unique and felt like the completed the look I wanted to represent. I love how the blush on the cheeks highlights the face along with the glossy lips in this skin called Sandflower. ­­

I hope that this outfit inspires you to go out and find yourself a beloved winter jacket.

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