Friday, July 11, 2008

SL’s Next Fashion Icon - Full of Runway Fashion



After 3 full months of various challenges, the SL’s Next Fashion Icon competition is now down to 5 finalists:
  • Miss Aleida Rhode
  • Miss Lyra Nitely
  • Miss Venus Petrov
  • Miss Wynn Whitfield
  • Miss Zoe Demar

The finale is scheduled for June 28th, but please watch for blogs and such in case the date changes! Please click on through to see more fashion and to read a bit more about what happened on Saturday the 31st of May!

10 lovely ladies went through a fashion show showing their style in swimwear, casual, and formal. We were all judged on our catwalk, attire, and questions which occurred after the show! Post-show I was brain fried and ecstatic but now that a day or two have passed, I really wanted to give a special shout out to all the wonderful gals that have partaken in this competition! I know it hasn’t been just a walk in the park. I honestly feel like everyone can keep their head held high for accomplishing sooo much as individuals. I look forward to seeing everyone again and hope to know you all better for it!

The second reason for this blog is to give out a shout-out to the creators for their awe inspiring designs that really make it possible to have a full experience in SL. It takes a lot of creativity, skill, and dedication to really pull of what we have in this virtual world!

And a HUGE shout-out to Shai Delacroix who personally designed my formal gown for this stage in the compeition! I am in awe and humbled that she would take me up on such an offer. As I told some of the ladies, I shake my head every time I think about it, because I felt like the luckiest gal in SL just to walk down the runway in one of her creations. I started the competition wearing her safari swimsuit and thus wanted to be wearing her again now.


(To those wanting to purchase this gown, it will be out for sale probably by the end of June) The outer skirt is made of sculptie, which fans will also see present in one of her new releases out now, along with flexi-prim skirt which is more mesh than what is shown in the picture. Other details are the flowers on the sculpted skirt that swirl into a magnificent green. I kept this simple for my formal as I really wanted to show off the gown and thus only paired it with a simple accessory - shoes by Storm Schmooz, 24Carat. The skin is by Minnu and was sold as part of a fundraiser back in 2007 (no longer available). I thought it was perfect to add a subtle accent that would pop and blend enough at the same time. The Forest Green eyes by Glanz is also a very well added feature to really make the whole look fit whimsically along with the flowing hair by Truth. I liked how it mimicked the skirt with the same type of flow.

As for my other outfits, I had to go with Icing’s Angel Food Cake which I previously blogged about.


I went with the Aden style, “Nicole” in dark brown to really hit up that iconic feel with the heavy bang. Keeping to classics, I chose some EMJ jewelry called, “Royal” that hit the gold retro feeling that I was going for. Having the cuff styled bangle really made me feel like I was going to walk along the boardwalk and catch some eyes. Paired up with the gold strapped shoes, by Armidi Gisaci, it really anchored the look and kept the rule of three in perspective. The simple bare rose skin by Naughty Designs is my personal fave that I had to keep for this look. Being out in the sun wearing a ton of make-up just doesn’t fly with me, so I love the simple hue in the lips and eyes.

For my casual attire, this to me is always the hardest category as sooo many things can work for it! There are ways to dress formals down and spruce up extreme casuals to hit a good medium, but I really didn’t have to think too hard of what I wanted to wear.


The very classic and stylish denim jumpsuit by G.L.A.M. is perfect for my personal style. Denim is something that has been around forever, and how can someone go wrong when pairing it when a clean white top! The outfit contains shorts, wide leg prims instead of skinny, and another collar option. Letting the hair down was really what I wanted to go for here, and thus the new style called, “Sexy Hair” by Shop Seu fit the bill perfectly! I did decide to tint the ”part” so it wouldn’t been too distracting but love how it draped down over the shoulders to pull of the smoky look with the skin by Naughty Designs. The shoes were a little tricky but as soon as I slipped on the Paper Couture strapped diamond heels I knew I could slip on the logo charm bracelet and lock in the look.

Thanks for reading! And be sure to give all the lovely ladies your support throughout this process! And please be kind to Kylie Gears, one of the heads over at InStyle. She has been working very hard throughout this competition taking care of all of us and really deserves some extra praise! Also thanks goes out to all of the judges that have given their time throughout this competition!

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