Friday, July 11, 2008

Cocktails and Movies

I want to repost some of my blogs from my past writings on FACES to allow readers a sense of who I am.

Classic Never Goes – And Neither Will Ginny


For my first outfit, I pulled out one of my favorite little black dresses of all time. With the “Last” Last Call sale starting this Friday, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight one of Ginny’s designs with something back from the Dazzle days. Sorry to say it, but it is something that is no longer available to new shoppers. For those that knew Dazzle, check your inventory and bring back the some of the great designs of the time. I picked this little number up back in October of 2006 and still love the classic lines and simple graphic detail. To accessorize the dress, I paired it up with a Gurl 6 hairstyle that tends to bring out a casual elegance from today’s generation. I also brought out one of P.C.’s chandelier earrings to keep in the classic lines and kicked in matching color with the Princess Ring also made by P.C. (not available to current shoppers). To tone down those legs to complete the silhouette I slipped on a pair of lined hose from Bettie’s and classic black stilettos from Last Call to end the outfit to the present known Ginny line. I hope you enjoy this little number as much as I do.

Dressed to the Edge in Comfortable Jeans


My second outfit features one of my favorite jeans of all time. They come from Tres Blah called JuJu Og Jeans. You’ve already heard them mentioned on one of the FACES’ blogs but when it comes to favorites – I do believe they all need an encore. I mixed in the casual jeans on both ends with some awesome sneakers from Redgrave and wheat colored textured tank from Celestial Studios. I like going a bit more edgy with my looks so I put on some tattoos from EtchD. I really like how the placement of the tattoos hit just the right spots almost creating a jacket type of feel. Paired with the cuff necklace from Refuge and Kit hair from ETD, I find this look appealing enough to go to a club or to the baseball park. I will definitely be seen wearing this look around Second Life for awhile to come.

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