Friday, July 11, 2008

All About Orange!

Hi! I’m back and hope that you enjoyed my last blog. I enjoyed putting it together and as soon as I was done was already thinking about what I wanted to blog next and here it is.

Zoe Springing for Orange

I wanted to feature something in the color orange for this blog. After recently stopping by the Armidi sim, I stumbled into their new Elephant Outfitter’s area and spotted this top. It’s not often that you see orange as a common color choice for designers. I also picked up the shirt in another color as there were plenty of great choices. I decided to accent it with a pair of Armidi’s classic colored jean capris. Perfect for spring and summer even though many are still stuck in our winter dreads for a few more months. And since I am going for a warmer climate look I paired it up with some sandals that I have enjoyed wearing due to the cute use of the simple jeweled medallion. On my upper half, I had to pair the outfit with Muse’s beautiful and organic color inspired Kailena bracelet and necklace that I love. It reminds me of something that I used to wear of my mothers in my first life until the necklace broke. The hair also reflects what I always wished my hair would do naturally in my first life, curl! It is by Fetish which isn’t quite as “main-stream” as other hair designers. I have enjoyed their unique styles and have a few other styles in my inventory tearing at me to blog. I heard about these eyes from Glanz via Sofia’s blog, “The Diary of a Second Life Socialite.” I love the reflectivity, but am on the fence as they feel a little too large for my personal avatar. To finish the look I slipped into some Cupcake’s skin. I like the way it appears soft and smooth but makes the eyes pop and is different from other skins currently available. Now it is time for a bit of a twist.


What? A GUY!?!? I had been playing around with the idea in my head and decided to just go for it. Why not? I have no alts in SL and decided that I wanted to focus a bit on the side of men. I thought about using my hubby’s avatar but didn’t want him to be pulled into the position, but did use his shape to develop my own. I’m calling him “Joe” because it’s close to Zoe. I’m reflecting my feature color of orange and again was thrilled to find this orange polo shirt at Elephant Outfitters. Dressing him down a bit I put him in some black shoes by Shiny Things which pull off a rugged feel due to their great job at texturing. If you’re going to own one pair of shoes, especially for the man that dresses down and not to the nines daily, you have to pick up a pair! I went with a pair of old look tattered jeans from Naughty Designs to match. On the upper half I have him in a pair of fully prim sunglasses made by Gudshu Glasses. The glasses help me prove a point that people can wear accessories on a guy that a girl might own in their inventory. I’ve had these with Zoe for a very long time and absolutely love the quality. It comes as smoke or chrome along with a hud for even more personality. You’ll be sure to be seeing these again in this blog as they’re another “must-have” in my collection. Finally the skin and hair are from Naughty Designs. I know they’re not the only guy skins around but I wanted to focus on having a blond haired guy as typically I see only black and brown hair on men. I might have him go a bit redder on occasion, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Here’s the pair matched up and ready to hit the beach or local venue.


Thanks for reading. I appreciate all comments and suggestions as long as they are constructive. I also want to know your take on blogging on the guy side. What do you think?

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