Friday, July 11, 2008

Special Edition

Someone might notice that I’m posting a little bit differently today as I am considering this a special addition post. I switched up my usual look so that it might stand out a bit more as I’m celebrating my 2 year rez-day with a little help from designers! (actual rez day is the 4th, btw but had to post as soon as I saw this dress!)


Bring on the champagne and glam with this special limited edition outfit from Rebel Hope released today!! She is celebrating three years of content making!! I first discovered Rebel Hope in June of 2006 and have been visiting ever since. When I saw the message pop up I knew that I had to get this gown and make sure to share it with everyone! Rebel Hope also recently celebrated her 3rd year rez day on December 29th. Another person celebrating more of a release than anniversary is Tuli Asturias. I first discovered her designs back in June of 2006 when her label was Lollypop. I was saddened when I saw the brand disappear and then discovered some tattoos that I had purchased but under the label of Tuli! Now she is releasing her S5 skins next week on the 7th! With the gorgeously designed “glam” skin and simply stunning “anniversary” gown I am almost ready for a night out on the town! Tuli will be celebrating her 3rd year rez day near the end of October 2008.


Going glam I knew that it was time to bring out the sparkly! I have a few items to choose from but loved how the shorter necklace of Nonna’s floral fit perfectly with the high collar of the gown. Keeping the matching earrings made sure my appearance was classic and fit with the shorter hairstyle. I went with Elkia’s red shade in the Maaliyah style as it is one of my personal faves and my original trademark of red hair. ETD is another place that I luckily was introduced to when I first started my journey into SL. My dear friend Loniki pulled me into game introduced me to the newly released to-die-for flexi styles. To stylize the look more and draw flow away from the neckline, I added a boa made by Callie Cline who made it to go with Insolence’s Jade White lingerie. I like the realistic feel of the textures as it glides eyes down the arm to the simple but classic pillbox purse by Rebel Hope. I pulled it from one of her previous iconic gowns, “The Rebel Hope”. It was a silky blue much like the glittery one from today. I like combining the old with the new. To add some more glitter down on my tootsies, I completed the look with the strappy diamond heels from Paper Couture (P.C.) in granite.

If any are celebrating, I would highly recommend this look for a glamorous night on the town…or bowling, whatever your preference may be.

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